Sinapsingioco DNA

Illustrations created for the Sinapsingioco Project (Apulia Region Funding)

Here is the story of Giosuè,
also called Knight of the Why.
A paladin who wandered here and there
through the Realm of the Eidièn.

He did not have the fighter’s size,
therefore he was barely known by the people
there were those who exchanged him for the Tall James,
but he was less than an atom!

Curved, thin and doubtful,
resembled a question mark,
his head looked like a light bulb
transparent and full of albumin!

Stupid, you know, he was not at all
more clever than the Great Knight Catafratto,
in his life he had always studied a lot
followed the Chancellorship programs,
and above all he had great gratitude
and a lot, a lot of curiosity towards science!

The day his fortune was born,
he was browsing in the Great Forest
suddenly he saw the North Wind
and he sensed that a storm was coming!

An idea immediately came to mind
He remembered the Great Lucid Sword
he thought of the love that always shines
Between the gold of the hilt and the spark

He understood that being there was useless
And he returned immantinently to the kingdom
On the top of the Great Castle
there, fixed by a burden
he decided to hoist the Supreme Sword
Among the dubious looks of the district.

But with the storm at its peak,
this was a lightning rod!
so the realm was not violated
and Giosuè was appointed Knight!

The story has been handed down for years
and morality is soon explained:
a “why” is good for the head
much more than a storm!